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Authorized Bats During Game:

At times, unauthorized bats have “slipped into a game” after play has started. Division A bats should have a clearly visible 1.2 or a 1.21 stamped on the bat, by the manufacturer. Division B & C bats should have either the “ASA 2000” approved logo, the “ASA Certified 2004” approved logo, or the ASA 2013 approved logo stamped on the shaft of the bat by the manufacturer, and clearly visible. ASA's website also list 29 bats that did, somehow, get either the 2000 or 2004 logo's stamped onto them, but are still considered illegal. Pictures of these 29 bats are available for viewing on ASA's website. If ANY questions occur about the legality of a specific bat, the same ASA website can be accessed and a full search, by manufacturer, of all legal bats is available.

Dugout Management:

All of us are competitive to some degree in sports; but you need to ensure that your players do not behave in an unsportsman like behavior while sitting in their dugout. If there is a disagreement with an action on the field, YOU (the team manager/coach) need to be the spokesperson for your team, dealing directly with the team manager/coach of the other team.   


Field Management:

At times things can get exciting in a competitive softball game. You need to tell your players that you will step-in immediately and discuss any controversial situation with your opposing coach. If you demonstrate to them that you will take charge and do so, they will turn to you on issues, versus yelling at opposing players themselves. As Managers/Coaches, it is your responsibility to ensure your players demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.


Runners to Home Plate:

ASA Rules state that a runner to home plate is to run eight (8) feet to the right of the plate when coming home. This is done for safety reasons so that a throw is less likely to hit the runner, and if the throw is off the plate, hopefully it can be fielded without any collisions. MSCSA plays by this rule; therefore, please instruct your home plate umpire to also act as a coach and direct your runners to this 8’ area when they are coming home.


Remind Your Pitchers:

MSCSA permits a pitcher to pitch to any batter from the pitcher’s rubber, or at any spot up to five (5) feet behind the rubber. But remind your pitchers that once they take a position and throw a pitch to a batter, they must continue pitching from that same spot until the next better comes to the plate. They cannot change pitching locations while pitching to a specific batter.


Batting Order – Time to Plate:

Our games are often being prolonged quite a lot by not getting your first batter into the batters box as quickly as possibly during your team’s turn at bat. Also, as games progress, some “on-deck” batters are not taking their position in the on-deck circle while their team-mate is batting. If all coaches will tighten up on executing these simple tasks, our games could take much less time; an advantage to all in the Texas summer heat. If this starts to occur in your games, pull your opposing coach off to the side and ask him to address these with his players for the remainder of the game.

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