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Section A.   The Order of Business shall include:

  1. Call to order by the President.
  2. Opening prayer and Pledge of allegiance to the American flag.
  3. Approval of minutes of previous meeting.
  4. Approval of financial reports.
  5. Reports of officers and committees.
  6. Unfinished business.
  7. New Business
  8. Adjournment.


Section A:   The Officers of the Board of Directors of the MSCSA will conduct review hearings on all protest of any matters presented to them concerning matters involving league play.

Section B: Only interpretations of the rules and play eligibility can be protested. An umpire’s judgment call cannot be protested. A rule interpretation protest must be made from one coach to another at the time of the play in question. The home team scorekeeper must note on the official score sheet the status of the game at the time of the play in question. A written protest accompanied by a fifteen (15) dollar cash deposit must be turned in to the President or Secretary of the Board of Directors within forty-eight (48) hours after the game; seventy-two (72) hours if the game in question was played on Friday or Saturday. The protest must be signed by the coach or manager of the protesting team. Eligibility protest of players or bats must be made before the end of the game; and registered with the Board in the same manner as above. If the protest is allowed, the fifteen (15) dollar deposit will be refunded. If the protest is not allowed, the fifteen (15) dollar deposit will be retained and used in the operation of the league.

              Note: Both teams must complete the game in which a protest has been made, otherwise a forfeit is declared to the team that does not complete play.

Section C: All persons involved will be notified of the time and place for the hearing.

Section D: Each team or individual will be allowed to state their side of the incident. Interested parties will be heard separately, unless the Officers allow otherwise.

Section E: The Officers will review the facts and make their decisions. All parties involved will be notified of the results. Their decision will be final.

Article III.   Disciplinary Action

Section A:     The Officers of the Board of Directors of the MSCSA will conduct hearings on all complaints concerning unsportsmanlike conduct. Examples of such behavior would include, but are not limited to, actions like: fights, excessive verbal abuse to include profanity, improper hand gestures, improper behavior, refusal to honor the Rules for play, insertion of unauthorized balls or bats during play, etc.

Section B:     All items associated with disciplinary action must be submitted by a coach or assistant coach, in writing (email is acceptable), to all five Officers of the Board, as soon as possible following the alleged infraction.

Section C:     Within 48 hours, the Officers will set up conference calls to hear first the complaint, then hear from the person(s) being accused.

Section D:    Upon hearing both sides of the issue, the Officers will decide as quickly as possible the appropriate disciplinary action, if any, that is appropriate for the situation. The Vice President of the Board will send a written reply of the Officer’s decision to all parties involved (email may be used), as well as all coaches associated with any of the parties involved.

Section E:    Depending upon the severity of the action, the Officers may vote to only discipline the player(s) involved, or they may also discipline the team(s) involved as well. Action may vary from a first-time warning, which may include a probationary period, to game suspensions, to expulsions for the remainder of that season, to expulsions from even playing MSCSA softball again.

                                        Article IV:   Players Moving From One Team To  Another During A Season

Section A:    For various reasons, a player may request to move from one team to another during the season. The Officers will review all such request and make a ruling as quickly as possible.

Section B:   To prevent any possibility that a player’s moving from one team to another may affect upcoming tournament play, all requests to move from one team to another must be submitted and ruled upon by the Officers in time for that player to join the roster of the new team for a minimum of twelve (12) games before the last game of regular season play. If the individual is not approved in time for that person to be added to the new team’s roster for a minimum of 12 games prior to the start of tournament play, that player is ineligible for tournament play for that season.

Section C:    All request from a player must be submitted to the five Officers of the Board in writing (email is acceptable).

Section D:   All request must be accompanied with a written statement from the coach of the team the player desires to depart, giving permission for that player to join another team (email is acceptable).

Section E:   All request must be accompanied with a written statement from the coach of the new team the player wishes to join, agreeing to accept this person (email is acceptable).

Section F:   The Officers will review all request and make an appropriate decision as fast as possible. The player and both coaches involved will receive a written response of any final decision made from the Vice President (email is acceptable). 


Section A: The MSCSA shall establish a bank account. All funds derived from entry fees, tournaments, league fund-raising events, projects, protest fees or any other funds received will be deposited in this account. The Treasurer of the Board of Directors shall keep a record of all financial transactions and submit a written report to the Board at each meeting. The President of the Board of Directors shall appoint a committee of three (3) Board Directors to audit the records annually.

Section B: Numbered checks will be used in purchases and expenditures made by the Treasurer on behalf of the Association. They will be made available for audit.


Section A: All expenditures shall have the approval of the Executive Committee. Any expenditure in excess of $100 shall require the approval of the Board.



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