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MSCSA 2016 Softball Tournaments
The MSCSA softball season was once again a smashing success for 2016. League play just gets better and better as our teams continue to add new players. Once again, nearly 500 people played over 40 games, which started on Tuesday, April 5th and completed on Thursday, September 29th. This year was uniquely different as or A Division was folded into our B Division, which then consisted of 6 North League teams and 7 South League teams. Our C Division remained at 8 East League teams and 9 West League teams.
Also different this year was the creation of a B Upper and B Lower tournament to go along with the C Upper and C Lower tournaments. The top three teams, based on % of wins against total games played, from the B North competed against the top three teams from the B South in the B Upper tournament. The others competed in the B Lower tournament. In the C Division, the top 4 teams from the East competed against the top 4 teams from the West in the C Upper tournament and everyone else competed in the C Lower tournament. In all tournaments, great care was taken to ensure as many teams as possible, from the two different Leagues, played against each other, in both the Winners Bracket as well as the Losers Bracket.
The B division tournaments were played this year at Trinity View Park in Irving. The B Upper tournament was won by the Desoto Dukes and 2nd place was the Arlington Cubs. In the B Lower Division, the Ft Worth Cats took 1st place and the Duncanville Oilers took 2nd place.

B Upper 1st Place – Desoto Dukes                                         B Upper – 2nd Place – Arlington Cubs
B Lower 1st Place – Ft. Worth Cats                                         B Lower – 2nd Place – Duncanville Oilers

The C division tournaments were played this year at Mike Lewis Park in Grand Prairie. The C Upper tournament was won by the Grand Prairie Gophers and 2nd place was the Mid Cities Flyers. In the C Lower Division, the Desoto Dukes took 1st place and the Grand Prairie Gophers took 2nd place.

C Upper 1st Place – Farmers Branch Gophers                              C Upper – 2nd Place – Mid Cities Flyers
C Lower 1st Place – Desoto Dukes                                    C Lower – 2nd Place – Grand Prairie Gophers

What was truly interesting this year was that in three of the four tournaments, the Championship games were played by teams from the other League. Only the B Upper Tournament was played by two teams, both from the B South League.
A special thanks goes out to all our “volunteer umpires”. Players from our C Division umpired our B tournaments, and players from our B Division umpired our C tournaments. Our umpires this year were: Mike McVicker (Mid Cities Flyers), Jim Thomas (Southlake Crusaders), Dennis Bashore (Grand Prairie Gophers), Roger Bond (Arlington Spurs), Ken Nelson (Irving Eagles), Don Ray (Ft Worth Cats), Reggie Carr (Duncanville Oilers), Lloyd Reeves (Arlington Cubs), and Al Schoelen (Farmers Branch Codgers).
We also want to thank Erik Rinne of the Mesquite Old Pros for his saxophone renditions of the National Anthem, and Mike Betts and Jeff Dubic, who manned the concession stand for our C Division games in Grand Prairie.

Erik Rinne                                                                                                     Jeff Dubic – Mike Betts (front)

  2016 Tournament Rules

  1. ASA and MSCSA League Rules apply.
  2. Unique Tournament rules also apply.

Unique 2016Tournament Rules

  1. The B & C tournaments will be divided into a B Upper and B Lower tournament and a C Upper and C Lower tournament. Win / loss percentages through September 29th will determine tournament bracketing. In case of a tie, total runs scored during season play with be the tie-breaker, regardless of the number of games the two teams played.
  2. The top 3 teams from B South will play the top 3 teams from B North in the Upper B Tournament. The Lower B tournament will be made up of the remaining B teams that decide to participate.
  3. The top 4 teams from C East will play the top 4 teams from C West in the Upper C Tournament. The Lower C tournament will be made up of the remaining C teams that decide to participate.
  4. All tournaments will be double elimination (two losses).
  5. Prior to each game, a coin toss will be used to determine the Home Team. After the coin toss, the Home Team gets their choice of dugouts.
  6. Duplicate jersey numbers are not allowed but tape may be used to alter a duplicate number once discovered, even after play has started.
  7. To qualify for tournament play, a player must have participated in a minimum of six regular season games.
  8. Any player not on the roster approved in advance for the tournament will not be allowed to play. Tournament rosters are to be turned in at the pre-tournament coaches meeting on Wednesday, October 5th.
  9. Rosters with correct jersey numbers showing starters, in batting order sequence, and substitutes, are to be submitted to the opposing coach before the start of each game. Each substitution, when it occurs, must be reported to the opposing coach.
  10. A player that uses an illegal bat, once discovered, is immediately eliminated from the tournament; and for the remainder of the game where this is discovered. If the player’s team does not have a legal substitute for that person in the actual game the illegal bat is discovered, an out will be declared by the home plate umpire every time this ejected player’s turn at bat occurs, for the remainder of that game.
  11. In tournament play, a team cannot borrow defensive players from the other team. Only players from their roster may participate on their behalf.
  12. Normal play is 11 players for both the B & C Divisions. All teams must have a minimum of 9 players to avoid a forfeit for tournament play. If a team has less than 11 players, it must take an out in every roster spot shy of 11, every time these roster spots are scheduled to bat during the game.
  13. Unlike League play, if a player is injured during a game, or has to leave for any reason, if the team does not have a legal substitute not already in the batting order, it must take an out every time that batting position comes to the plate.
  14. The Home Plate Umpire is the head umpire for all games. Controversial calls at other bases may be appealed to him, and his decision is final.
  15. The Home Plate Umpire is responsible for time keeping but he may delegate this to another person.
  16. Games each day will start at 9:30AM. All games are scheduled for 60 minutes. At the 50 minute mark, the Home Plate Umpire is to call a time out and announce to both coaches that the 50 minute mark has been reached. If the 50 minute mark is reached in the sixth inning, or less, that inning will be completed plus one more inning. In the last inning, unlimited runs may be scored by either team. All Championship games will go a full 7 innings. There is no time limit. This applies to both the first as well as the second (if necessary) games.

If the score is tied after regulation play has been completed, each extra inning will start with last batter from the previous inning assuming a position at 2nd base. A courtesy runner may be used for that batter only if the batter had a courtesy runner during their last bat. The same runner that was their courtesy runner while at bat, will become their courtesy runner at 2nd base.



MSCSA 2015 Softball Tournaments

The MSCSA softball season was a smashing success for 2015. Nearly 500 people played close to 50 games, which started on Tuesday, March 31st and completed on Thursday, October 1st. As in past years, the season completed with four different softball tournaments – A Division; B Division; and since we have such a large number of C Division teams, a C Upper and a C Lower tournament.
The A division tournament was played this year at Les Zeigler Park in DeSoto. Five of our six A Division teams participated in a round-robin, everyone play everyone else, format. These were fun games to watch as our A Division players can really “crank the ball”. Many of them play competitive tournament softball on weekends when they are not playing MSCSA softball. More than one player is good enough that teams throughout the USA will pay all their expenses to fly them in to play in their tournaments. One particular game was “really close”, as the final score was 24 to 23. How many teams score 23 runs in a game and still lose? For that matter, how many teams score 23 runs in a single game? Our A teams do, and quite often. When the dust settled, the DeSoto Dukes, managed by Bobby Moten and Robert Eaves took first place. The Farmers Branch Codgers, managed by Don Tierney and Bob Dudley, took 2nd place.

       A Division 1st Place – DeSoto Dukes                                                                A Division 2nd Place – Farmers Branch Codgers

Our B Division tournament included all eight of our B Division teams and was played this year at Trinity View Park in Irving. We had one “powerhouse” B team this year, the Mesquite Knights, coached by Wilbur Montgomery and Mike Stewart. During League play they won 39 games and only lost 9, and were the number 1 seeded team in the tournament. This doesn’t always happen in tournament play, but the finals of the B Tournament included the Knights and the Southlake Crusaders, seeded number 2 in the tournament, with a record of 33 wins and 15 loses, and coached by Doug Edwards and Rich Kaczmarsk. Doug would tell you that he was handicapped as he only could muster 10 players, versus the 11 allowed in B Divisional play, for the Championship game. His team though fought its way out of the Loser’s Bracket with only 10, but just could not keep up with the Knights “scoring machine” in the final championship game. The Knights, this year, went undefeated in tournament play. It just goes to prove once again, that a team of “retired firemen”, with a couple of “retired policemen”, are a hard combination to beat.

       B Division 1st Place – Mesquite Knights                                                                B Division 2nd Place – Southlake Crusaders

Since our C Division is comprised of 17 teams, broken down into 8 teams on the East side of the Metroplex and 9 teams on the West side, the C Division tournaments, each year, are divided into a C Upper and a C Lower tournament. Based on overall wins percentage during League play, in the C Upper Tournament, the top 4 teams from the East are paired against the top 4 teams from the West. Since these teams do not play each other during League play, the tournament bracket is designed to have everyone play the first two games against opponents from the other side of the Metroplex. In the C Lower bracket, one team did not participate in tournament play, therefore that tournament also consisted of 8 teams, four from the East and four from the West. And opponents were bracketed in the same manner as the other C tournament. Both of these tournaments were similar in that the final winner fought their way out of the Loser’s Bracket, and defeated the other team two games, back to back, to take the championship. In the C Upper Tournament , the #1 seeded tournament team came out of the Losers Bracket to defeat the #3 seeded team. In the C Lower Tournament, the #1 seeded tournament team came out of the Losers Bracket to defeat the #2 seeded team.

       C Division Upper - 1st Place – Sacshe Rangers                          C Division Upper - 2nd Place – Mesquite   Texans

       C Division Lower - 1st Place – DeSoto Dukes                 C Division – Lower - 2nd Place – White Settlement Senior Cats





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